Christiane Sacco and Denise Abdalla are an architect and interior designer, respectively, who lead the CSDA architecture and decor office. For about ten years, both professionals have been applying a unique concept whenever they come up with a new project.

From beginning to end of each project, their goal is always to conduct any work in agreement with their clients, and have ideas and opinions translated into great results. As such, every detail is discussed and solutions are presented in accordance with their clients’ experience and world view. The past is always brought into the present, and the present blends with that past within a contemporary and harmonious concept, so that each client actually feels “their” home.

Every project by CSDA combines comfort, beauty, function and harmony. After all, that is the basic principle that people bear in mind when they search for any architecture and decor professional.


I graduated in Belo Horizonte from Metodista Izabela Hendrix College, in 1994. There I had the opportunity – since my first years at college – of working in the industry as an intern, thus having the chance of getting in closer contact with the modern and avant-garde architecture from the state of Minas Gerais.

However, it was in São Paulo – where I’ve been living since 1996 – that I found out that architecture really runs in my blood. For six years, I worked with the architect João Armentano’s office, where many projects were conducted and definitely headed me to the industry.

Eventually, in 2002, when I was in pursuit of expressing my work fully and autonomously, I made the decision of starting the CSDA – architecture and decor office, in partnership with Denise Abdalla.

Christiane Sacco
Denise Abdalla


Ever since I was studying Journalism, I noticed that I had a sharp aesthetic sense, especially when, in my free time, I was invited to arrange and organize my friends’ spaces.

After having worked with the architect João Armentano’s office – where I reported directly to Marco Aurélio Viterbo –, I realized that such path would definitely be the one to me, and so I decided to deepen my gift by searching for professional training and building my career in the industry.

After that momentum, chance was all it took to put me together with the architect Christiane Sacco and start CSDA – architecture and decor office.